"Muso" or "musos" are terms used widely in parts of the world to describe a musician or group of musicians with passion and dedication to their music.


Introducing Can Do Musos

A Can-Do Muso is a musician with challenges who is very passionate about their music.

We use the word "challenges" with Can-Do Musos because, quite often disability gets mis-interpreted as inability. People with challenges can overcome them and be empowered and successful.

Can Do Musos was established to promote and support musicians who face "challenges" in their lives from all over the world.

L-R: Joe Hardy, Andrew Hewitt, Mike Mignogna, David Segal, Dom Famularo
at Double Tree Inn during NAMM in Anaheim, California - 25th January 2015

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Can-Do Featured Muso
Angelo Pentaris

Angelo Pentaris is a drummer from Athens, who is currently living in Los Angeles, California. Angelo recently graduated with Deans Honours from Los Angeles College of Music, has never let Cerebral Palsy stand in his way.

To read more about Angelo, please Click Here


Sign Up to Can Do Musos

If you are a passionate musician who lives with a disability, and would like to share your story across the globe, whether you play drums, guitar, sing, play sax, or even sousaphone, we would love to hear from you.

Please when giving us information, make it your story.

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"Yes I Can" Promo

In May 2016, some of our Can-Do Musos members travelled to London (UK) to be part of a promotion for Channel 4 TV London. We're The Superhumans to benefit the British Paralympics Team.

The promotion was launched on July 14 2016.

Can-Do Musos members involved in the project are: Tony Dee and Neill Duncan from Australia, Alvin Law from Canada, Marc Playle from England, Greg Anton, Bill Clements, Sujeet Desai, Mark Goffeney, Patrick Henry Hughes, and Dean Zimmer from the United States.

So check out YES I CAN!

Can-Do Musos TV

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Can-Do Radio

Doing it because "WE CAN"
Hosted by Andrew Hewitt

Each week, THE CAN-DO RADIO SHOW will feature music, gigs and interviews from musicians who each have a challenge to overcome. We only play music from artists featured on this website.

For 1 hour each week, your host Andrew Hewitt, will be playing a blend of Pop, Rock, Metal, Blues, Country, even Classical.

So much talent all over the world gets overlooked because of a disability. We are trying to change those attitudes and show the world, despite the odds... WE CAN.


This week's show playlist for 18th May 2016


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