"Muso" or "musos" are terms used widely in parts of the world to describe a musician or group of musicians with passion and dedication to their music.

Introducing Can-Do Musos

A Can-Do Muso is a musician with challenges who is very passionate about their music.

We use the word "challenges" with Can-Do Musos because, quite often disability gets mis-interpreted as inability. People with challenges can overcome them and be empowered and successful.

Can Do Musos was established to promote and support musicians who face "challenges" in their lives from all over the world.

L-R: Joe Hardy, Andrew Hewitt, Mike Mignogna, David Segal, Dom Famularo
at Double Tree Inn during NAMM in Anaheim, California - 25th January 2015


Can-Do Musos Featured Artist

Can-Do Muso - Renee Kelly

Renee Kelly is young woman from Brisbane, Australia who started life with a huge disadvantage... a tiny 620 gm birth weight and hopelessly under-developed heart and lungs. She had only a very slim chance of survival... but survive she did.
Now Renee is making her mark on life, despite a disability that would have deterred the most determined of spirits.

To read more about Renee, please Click Here

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Please donate and support musicians living with a disability from all over the world. Can-Do Musos are now a 501(c)(3) registered not for profit charity. This means any donation you make to Can-Do Musos is now tax deductable. So please, if you can spare a few dollars, you can donate by clicking the link below

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If you are a passionate musician who lives with a disability, and would like to share your story across the globe, whether you play drums, guitar, sing, play sax, or even sousaphone, we would love to hear from you.

Please when giving us information, give us as much information as you can, and make it your story.

Can-Do Radio

Each week, THE CAN-DO RADIO SHOW will feature music, gigs and interviews from musicians who each have a challenge to overcome. We only play music from artists featured on this website. Hosted by Andrew Hewitt. The show is podcasted via Podomatic.

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June 2018

Latest News

Can-Do Musos in the latest issue of Drumscene Magazine - April 2019

Can-Do Musos are proud to be featured in the latest issue of Drumscene Magazine Australia.

The feature covers our recent NAMM Show performance in Anaheim, California and was written by Jennifer Hewitt, photos were taken by Colin Barnes and Cat Quill.

A special thank you to Frank, Rosanna and the staff at Drumscene for their ongoing support for Can-Do Musos.

For more information, please go to www.drumscene.com.au.

Can-Do Musos - "Heroes" - Arena Plaza Stage - The NAMM Show 2019 - 25th January 2019

Can-Do Musos rocked the Arena Plaza Stage at the 2019 Winter NAMM Show on Friday 25th January in Anaheim, California. The set was finished with a rocking tribute to David Bowie with "We can be heroes".

Performing were Andrew Hewitt, Joe Hardy, David Segal, Homero Chavez, Kelly Kendall, Geno Oceano, Paul Zimmer, Tony Talmich, Alex Zimmer, Nate Stockton, Steve Sturgis, Stacey Sturgis, Randy Dowdy and Mario Valadez.

A special thanks to The Mendenhall Experiment, Randy Dowdy & Steve & Stacey Sturgis for their support.

On Sunday 27th January, Can-Do Musos hosted our annual NAMM Panel Discussion at the Anaheim Hilton. On the panel representing Can-Do Musos were David Segal, Andrew Hewitt, Joe Hardy, Brandon Mendenhall, Nate Stockton, Jeffrey Blattner, Jason Barnes, Tony Talmich, Dean Zimmer, Geno Oceano and Juan "Dom" Domingez.

To watch the full performance from the Arena Plaza, check out the performance on Vimeo.

Dom Famularo speaks about Can-Do Musos - November 2018

Dom Famularo speaks about Can-Do Musos to Port Jefferson Special Education PTA from Long Island, New York.

Can-Do Musos TV - Episode 23

Based on the popularity of the Can-Do Radio Show, we decided in December 2015 to launch Can-Do Musos TV via a channel on Vimeo.

This gives an opportunity for musicians with a disability to be seen all over the world performing, whether it be live gig videos, official production videos and even tv appearances. Hosted by Andrew Hewitt.

Check out all the episodes on Vimeo.

David Segal presents Can-Do Musos at The Yale Club, New York

On the 18th May 2018, David Segal addressed a group of investors at the Yale Club in New York City. Can-Do Musos is now a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charity and looking for investors and donations to help us grow and move into the future.

If anyone wishes to donate to Can-Do Musos, it is now tax deductable. You can donate via our Gofundme page at www.gofundme.com/Candomusos501c3 or via Paypal using donate@candomusos.com

Thanks for your support

What disability? drum clinic - Berlin, Germany - 17th Oct 2017

What Disability? We're just drummers from Down Under drum clinic presented by Dr Paradiddles Wonder Drumporium, Just Music Berlin and Can-Do Musos, featuring all Australian drummers on one night at the Sky Live Club on top of Just Music Berlin, Germany. Performers were Todd James, Buck-It, Josh Hogan from band Rudely Interrupted, and Andrew Hewitt.

Dom Famularo popped in to talk to the audience via Skype.

The clinic was organised via months of facebook chats between Andrew Hewitt, Rich Millin, and Todd James with a vision in mind. Andrew Hewitt and Josh Hogan were in Berlin as part of the Berlin & Australia Exchange Project 2017 for Arts Access Australia.

A special thanks to Rich Millin, Jan Draheim, Arts Access Australia, Pearl Drums Europe, Zildjian Cymbals, Vic Firth Drumsticks and Remo Drumheads & Percussion.

Can-Do Musos - The NAMM Show 2017

Can-Do Musos were represented at The NAMM Show in Anaheim, California from the 19th - 22nd January 2017. On the 19th January at 11am, 9 Can-Do Musos from 4 countries performed together on NAMM's Center Stage.

Performing were: Andrew Hewitt (AUS), David Segal (USA), Joe Hardy (USA), Mark Goffeney (USA), Dean Zimmer (USA), Carlos Guevara (VEN), Braulio Morales (CHL), Brandon Mendenhall (USA), Nate Stockton (USA), Mario Valadez (USA), Homnero Chavez (USA), a special thanks to Mike Lira for stepping up on guitar while Mark was unavoidably detained.

For more information Click Here.

Can-do Musos Rocking at The NAMM Show 2017

On Sunday 22nd January at 3pm, we had our usual Sunday afternoon session in TEC Tracks. Those presenting were: Andrew Hewitt (AUS), David Segal (USA), Joe Hardy (USA), Mark Goffeney (USA), Brandon Mendenhall (USA), Nate Stockton (USA), Lourdes Mack (USA), Braulio Morales (CHL) and Jeffrey Blattner (USA).

Brandon, Nate, and Mario from The Mendenhall Experiment interviewed after our Sunday session by David Ward from Musicians on the Record.

International Day for People with a Disability 2016 - Andrew Hewitt

Courtesy of Norman Hermant and ABC-TV & Radio Australia

If you do one thing for Andrew Hewitt on this International Day of People with Disability, it is this: park your sympathy at the door.

"Don't feel sorry for me. Because I don't," he said.

Australian Can-Do Musos founding member, Andrew Hewitt was honoured with a story about him, drumming,teaching and Can-Do Musos nationwide across Australia on ABC-TV News 24 and ABC-Radio.

Along with Andrew, in the video is Can-Do Muso, David Rowlands.

A special thanks to Norman Hermant from the ABC for compiling the story.

Andrew's interview was also heard on ABC Radio's AM Show and is in "print" on ABC News website.

British Paralympics "Yes I Can" campaign

In May 2016, some of our Can-Do Musos members travelled to London (UK) to be part of a promotion for Channel 4 TV London. We're The Superhumans to benefit the British Paralympics Team.

The promotion was launched on July 14 2016.

Can-Do Musos members involved in the project are: Tony Dee and Neill Duncan from Australia, Alvin Law from Canada, Marc Playle from England, Greg Anton, Bill Clements, Sujeet Desai, Mark Goffeney, Patrick Henry Hughes, and Dean Zimmer from the United States.


Congratulations on the growth of Can-Do, you've got to be proud of what you are building. Your tireless efforts are inspiring players around the world.


Can-Do Musos has been of great benefit to me in my ongoing challenge of an acquired brain injury. It has helped me to focus on writing songs and performing them because I am unable to focus on reading books or watching movies. The activity has helped me to maintain positive mental health. I enjoy performing my songs and playing music with other Can-Do Musos. It is very comforting to know that there are other people with disability who have found new skills and overcome their challenges. I have seen the positive benefits in networking with and socialising with other Can-Do Musos. This organization is unique and run by a dedicated group of musicians who understand the needs of people with disability.


Can-Do Musos has made myself and my music so much more visible to others. They allowed me to post about not only my disabilities, but how I accomplish writing, performing and recording my music which is a great accomplishment. I had a library find out about my music and as a result, they asked me to play at their library for their patrons in a series of performances of 'Musician's with Disabilities Who Have Overcome Them' and I got paid very well. Their website has brought many other people to my Music Website and I have made any new contacts with other musicians in my area. On top of that, one of the founder's, Andrew Hewitt, has helped me delve into a new field (drums) with tips and assistance when I asked for it. He is very accomplished on the drums and it shows through his advice and the videos I have seen of his performances. If there was only one organization that I could belong to, it would be Can-Do Musos. They are geared for the Musician that has everything against him (or her) and gives his (or her) all into their music. They also are there for those that are struggling and need a little help... a little push... to progress in the field of music.