Carolin Hartmann

Location: Berlin

Challenge: Friedreich ataxia


Carolin Hartmann is a disabled hand drummer, percussionist, dancer, yoga teacher and book-author based in Berlin.

Because of a chronic nervous disease, Friedrich Ataxia, Carolin has been using a wheelchair for 13 years. She adds "I have always been dreaming that my body will be heard and healed. Instead of investing time and energy in my body to follow my dream, I studied law and became a lawyer".

When Carolin got to know yoga, she went to an Indian ashram for some months where she learned about yoga, meditation, ayurvedic way of life, rituals and its incredible benefits for her mind, nervous system and her whole body. She went back to Germany in 2011 where she quit her job and decided to dedicate the rest of her life to her body that was crying for attention. She adds "I wrote a book, shared my intense experiences of body and mind I had in India in seminars and workshops, became a certified yoga teacher in 2014 and now I teach regular inclusive yoga classes as well as workshops every now and than".

Since 2011 Carolin has also worked as a dancer and performer to acknowledge and express my special way of movement.

In the same year, Carolin was given some bongos for her birthday. She adds "I felt immediately that this was now another tool for me to make my inner body voice get loud! I finally had found the perfect way to get rid of my emotions that made my allday life so unnecessary complicated. It is the perfect thing for me to do when I am angry, nervous, excited or fallen in love. Without causing any damage to my system (like high muscle tension), it helps me stand it, get it all out and to be clear again in the end".

Carolin adds "After I appreciated the cleanse and grounding by playing music, I started to learn the benefit for my brain. When I learn a rhythm, I get in a concentrated state of mind, where there is a dialogue between right and left side of my body. Two completely different qualities that need to have space. The co-ordination of my two hands in this synaptic reset, feels like I am actively operating my brain! My nevous system really slows down, opens up and learns!"

Nowadays it is a daily routine for Carolin to play bongos, djembe or different other percussion instruments as kind of meditation!

Carolin says "I release my nervous system and express my inner vibes! In summer I go outside in nature for this precious meditation!"

Carolin Hartmann