M. Prem Kumar

Location: Vijayawada

Challenge: Severe Stammering

Website: facebook.com/mocherlapremkumar

Prem Kumar is a singer and keyboard player from Vijayawada, India.

He has a severe stammering problem. Prem says "There are nearly 25+ people in my family effected by this problem. God opens another door by giving His knowledge in Keyboard and Singing". Prem started his own music ministry by the name of SOUND OF LAMB.

Prem says "My son aged 6 years also a stammerer, and he play drums, my parents are retired officers in THE SALVATION ARMY. My father also stammers".

Prem struggled a lot while growing up in the Indian society. He is also good script writer. He adds "Thanks to God for all these, I have had to change my career path, just because I stammered. I was forced to lead an isolated life, just because of the stammer".

Prem adds "When I take a long time to say my own name, imagine the reaction of audience. The swallow the pain that comes thru stammer. I feel like an outcast. Stammering may not be a physical disability, but it is a communication disability, which affects a persons mental health".

It was Prem's dream and passion to do a music ministry and make christian albums to utilize my skills that are given by God.