Rafael Vieira

Location: Guaíba

Challenge: Paraplegic g82

Website: facebook.com/rafael.vieiradasilva.18

Rafael Vieira is a drummer from Guaíba in Brazil. He has played drums since he was 14 years old. His life changed drastically in August 2015, when he and his father were real heroes and prevented a stranger from forcing a girl into his car. The bandit soon returned and unloaded the revolver on Rafael and his father and mother in front of his house. Rafel was left without movement down T3 level injury, his mother lost the strength of the left arm and his father unfortunately come to die 20 days after he took the shot in the abdomen.

Rafael fell into depression, even being suicidal, but with Faith in God he left another test and determined that he would not stay in a bed for the rest of his life, after all he has a son and a wife to keep.

After realising drums may still be possible, Rafael began to adapt to play drums with the help of the Charis church where he congregates and all the support of his pastors. In November 2016 drummer Samuca ovidio ended up watching a video of Rafael and soon came in contact with him and as an incentive and the intention to help somehow donated a beautiful drum kit so that Rafael could study at home and also go out to play with his drums, soon in a row other people were donating the rest of what was missing to have a complete kit.

From there to here he has overcome himself and proving to all that obstacles do not stop people, it all depends on his will to win!

"Man, I understand that if God heals me and takes me out of the wheelhouse, he is God, and if he does not, he is still God. I continue to worship him and give my best to him and do my part" says Rafael. He adds <"I want to thank God and my friends: for the drum equipment, drumsticks, etc, and also to thank my family and the Pastors and brother of the Charis de Guaiba Church. and thank you very much for the opportunity the Pocktshow Magazine"!

In finishing, Rafael asks What is your difficulty in life even to not go in search of your dreams I hope that with this life story can evolve musically and even in life.

Rafael Vieira