Sandra Hayman

Location: Sydney, NSW

Challenge: Bipolar / PTSD / Multifocal Choroiditis


Sandra Hayman is from Sydney, Australia. She has been writing poetry/songs since she was 10 years old now 52.

Sandra says "I love to sing, but anxiety has always held me back. I do not play an instrument though once tried learning acoustic guitar to help with my songwriting however I am a lefty and tried to teach myself on a right handed guitar.... which wasn't very successful". She explains "I didn't know you could get left handed guitars until just recently, and am now having guitar lessons and I'm loving it".

When Sandra writes a song lyric she usually sings the melody as she write the lyrics. Sandra adds "My influences are very diverse, I find something in all styles of music". Sandra loves to write inspiration verse/lyrics.

Sandra was diagnosed with Bipolar when she was 25 in 1988. She adds "Music and writing has been my refuge and at times my best friend. I recently joined a local writing group and only now feel comfortable to share my life of words which for many years has been collecting dust in a cupboard.

Sandra has been singing a bit on Smule app which is great for people with anxiety as it definately helps to build confidence. Sandra adds "It's a lot of fun and it connects you with others around the world and you can sing duets or in a group or solo. It also has an open mic feature, It's very addictive has led to some late nights and early mornings... and need I say strained vocal chords!"

Sandra finishes with "My words comfort me and my hope and dream is that they may help in some way to comfort others".