Aindre Reece-Sheerin

Location: Guernsey

Challenge: Paraplegic


Positive thinker, Good public speaker, Believes in the power of music in all formats. Hands on can do person. Great respect but no fear. Motivational and Inspirational leader.

Aindre Reece-Sheerin is a Singer Songwriter and Performer, originally from Ireland but now living in Guernsey. An exceptional talent, able to turn his hand to most things. One of those ‘things’ being his classically trained operatic baritone voice.

Aindre lived through the fighting in the North of Ireland and even marched at the tender age of 11 seeking one person one vote and an end to discrimination on the basis of religious doctrine.

He studied at University and private Music school as a Mature Student and hold two first class degrees one in Humanities with French and a Performers Degree equivalent.

Aindre is an avid performer, teacher and one who loves to move people through the mediums of the spoken word and singing, he sings in nine languages.

Aindre became a wheelchair user following a Road Traffic Accident some 20 years ago. He has since retrained both to become a Rights Campaigner and Access Consultant and assists Businesses throughout Europe and the Channel Islands. Aindre has also found his voice again and is highly respected in the Music field in both Opera and Jazz circles.

He works with people with disabilities offering Music as Therapy and assists in groups or on a One to One basis with Parkinson's and Motor Neuron as well as Acquired Brain Injury. Aindre adds "I work very closely with my students to help build up self confidence and to become self aware in how they can reach and touch their audience".

He has been a Keynote speaker on Disability and Equality for over a Decade and is often courted by all the forms of Media to give a view on initiatives looking to Include Disabled People on a Pan Impairment basis. He works with National and Local Government bodies, helping formulate policies and procedures that help meet the rights of people with impairments.

His singing career was rekindled when he was the first Wheelchair-User to play a lead role in EVITA in 2008 (Magaldi). Aindre teaches as well as performs regularly to packed concert halls but gives all the proceeds to Charity. AIndre is pleased to be performing again and believes this is his way of giving thanks and supporting local charity and the community.

Aindre adds "Everything I do goes towards my Charity Shows". Aindre is known locally as a person who Champions people living with disabilities.

Aindre Reece-Sheerin - "Mack The Knife"