Alexandre Ponty

Location: Paris

Challenge: Williams-Beuren Syndrome


Alex Ponty is a keyboard player from Paris, born with Williams-Beuren Syndrome.

Alex plays Piano, Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes Electric Piano.

Alex adds "I have a strong mental disability but I love music and I play keyboards". He plays mostly Rock & World music with his group, CACTUS. Alex adds "We are 4 of us with various challenges, and three professionals including our super-wonderful leader and teacher, Michael Bougon".

Alex's band Cactus are performing at concerts. In January they are performing a concert at Saint Germain, near Paris.

Alex adds "We will present our CD Ca Pique (it sticks). It took us 3 years to record, but it's great!"

Alex says "I hope all musicians with challenges can find great teachers and support, and practice music"

Alexandre Ponty with CACTUS