Andres Godoy

Location: Santiago

Challenge: Right Arm Amputee


Andrés Godoy was born in San Antonio (port) in 1953.

At age 14 he had an accident in which he lost all of his right arm. In time and daily practice, he invented in a self-taught way a technique based on a series of strokes, pulls, scratches, scrapes, scratches with which he created rhythms, harmonies, melodies. This technique was called Tatap.

Through passion, imagination, perseverance, observation and daily work, Andres transformed a disadvantage into his advantage. The Tatap, besides being its tool of musical expression, is a contribution to the development of a new guitar technique that stimulates new generations of musicians to find ways, mental and emotional opening for the exploration of new possibilities of interpretation, composition and sound.

After many years dedicated to the management and development of cultural projects for young people in Chile, in 2007 decides to return to the stages. From 2008 to 2016 begins a long series of international tours that have led him to perform every year, concerts, masterclass, motivational talks in Germany, Italy, Austria, Italy, France, USA, Canada, China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macao, Argentina and all of Chile.

He has been invited as a star figure in prestigious festivals of Fingerstyle, Acoustic Guitar and Guitars Nights in the world sharing with the most outstanding guitarists of the circuit. In his compositions Andrés integrates folklore, progressive rock, fusion, jazz.

As cultural manager Andrés was Vice President of the ATR (91-93). Founder and Director of the School of Rock (94-2006). Adviser and collaborator of many cultural projects (SCD, Balmaceda 1215, Cultural Centre Pudahuel, etc). He is currently Project Director Sharing Experience (2009 2016). Director of the School of Music Production (EPM) (2014-2016). Through these projects Andrés has collaborated directly in Chile to musical development, art and management of thousands of young people from Arica to Punta Arenas. C guitar.

From 1991 to 2016 it has produced Cd albums of: Sinergia, Los Peores de Chile, Los Bandoleros de Teno, Polimetro, Cholomandinga, 2X, Subalternos, Chocloneta, Kekoyoma, Lilits, Tito Escárate, Killterry, Cabrera, Kimeros, Egregor, Ataque Polaris Jonathan Caroca, among others.

Andres Godoy