Armando "Chico" Noriega

Location: Rocky Point

Challenge: Arthrogryposis


Armando Noriega is a drummer from Rocky Point, Mexico who lives with the condition Arthrogryposis. He says "I have been drumming for 14 years and have loved every single moment of it!"

Armando is a Third generation in a musical family. He says "I became a drummer because its the family tradition to be musicians. After trying many instruments I realized my fingers were just not cooperating. So, against my fathers will, I picked up the High School drumset when I was 17 and formed my first band when I was 18"

His drumming heros are Steve Gadd and Harvey Mason. He adds "My grip is American Grip, I could never get the hang of traditional gripping". To be able to hold a drum stick, he wraps his drumstick in his right hand, with napkins, then cover them with black electrical tape. His left hand he holds the stick normally.

Armando is currently playing in a Blues/Rock band that has had the opportunity to play in several festivals. He has played at the Cervantino International Festival accompanying my Father, Armando, and at a Jazz festival, he adds "conmemorating my father here in Rocky Point".

Armando has studied music formally and had private lessons for 3 years in Mexico City. He also used to teach Music in the Municipal School of Music and now give private lessons. He lists his favourite bands are Tool, Brecker Brothers, Toto and Dave Matthews Band.

Armando says "I am super stoaked about having contact with CanDoMusos and admire their shared passion for playing and teaching music".