Arthur Jaja

Location: Port Harcourt, Rivers State

Challenge: Stroke(loss of right upper and lower limb)


Arthur Jaja is a citizen of Rivers State, Nigeria, he started singing when he was 10 years old. He adds "I started out as a soprano but over the years I have graduated to singing Countertenor a rare male voice found in the Vocal range equivalent to a female contralto voice or messo soprano voice.

My musical teeth were cut at age 9 at St.Micheals Anglican Church Aba in Imo State.".

Arthur sang "hymn 62 -while Shepard watched their flock by night" in The Nigeria Television House Aba on Christmas Day when he was just 10 years old.

Arthur adds "Classical music is my genre". He has sang in many concerts across many cities in Nigeria.

He finds inspiration from composers such as Handel, Purcell, Beethoven, and Mozart.

His latest performance he sang "He was despised" from Handel's Messiah. This was a concert organised by the Exquisite Choir of Port Harcourt.

Arthur is about to take a professional exam for voice in ABRSM.

Arthur had a stroke at age 27 while studying at the University of Calabar Nigeria in 1997. He gained a Diploma in Public Administration and LLB Law at the National Open University of Nigeria and has been living with the challenges since. He adds "I would love to be a performer of international standard. i can still sing. I sing church music and contemporary songs.

Arthur is a Public Administration graduate, has completed many many courses in management and others.

Arthur says "My mouth was shifted to the left that I had to use singing and chewing gum therapy to bring it back to normalicy, though I walk with a gait". Disability has never stood in Arthur's way as he is stil singing and striving for his voice to heard internationally.