Braulio Morales

Location: Coquimbo

Challenge: Hemiparesis


Braulio Morales Aníbal Montoya. He performs as a musician, sessionist, composer and keyboardist of Progressive Metal, Neoclassical Metal, Progressive Rock, Hard Rock among other styles derived from Rock / Metal, Jazz, Electronic Music and Video Games Music.

Born in Coquimbo, Chile, on July 15, 1992. Son of Franceska Alessandra Montoya Rojas and Rolando Antonio Morales Montoya, at the time of her birth, were told her parents were born normally, but her mother felt that He had some symptom, one day sent to his older brothers Cristóbal Morales and Rolando Morales, to raise Braulio in his baby car when he was barely 5 months old, when his brother, unaware catch the arm of his younger brother In said baby car. At that moment Braulio only sends a shout, and the family found it very strange this event, thinking that a normal baby cry all day, literally.

After passing this event her mother immediately takes Braulio physicians specialized in Physiatry, touring the cities of Coquimbo and Santiago (Chile), seeking opinions from different specialists in that area, finally diagnosed that Braulio was born with a motor disability called Hemiparesia In the entire right sector of your body. (

Period as a DJ (2006-2008):

In this stage, Braulio discovers and develops his abilities as a musician and DJ of electronic music that begins at age 13 and ends at 15 years of which his main influences in this style were Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Daft Punk, Bob Sinclair, DJ Tiesto, Aqua, Safri Duo, Pet Shop Boys, among others. To what these influences is maintained until these days.

Beginnings as a keyboardist:

15-year-old Braulio Morales begins listening to Heavy Metal, beginning to listen and then starting on the keyboard at the age of 17, with one of his favorite neoclassical metal styles, listening to artists such as Sonata Arctica, Yngwie Mansteen, Stratovarius and Richard Andersson.

During the same period he discovers his main style Progressive Metal, starting with Dream Theater when a friend of his older brother, gives him an MP3 CD with most of the albums of that band, managing to capture the influence of mainly in the keyboardist Derek Sherinian, Falling in love with all his works, such as Planet X, Black Country Communion and Derek's solo works, etc.


Derek Sherinian, Tony McAlpine, Virgil Donati, Keith Emerson, Richard Andersson, Jason Becker, Jens Johansson, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Michael Romeo, Jon Lord, Rick Wakeman, among other artists.

Eradication in Santiago de Chile (2012 - present):

Then in 2012, he decided to eradicate in Santiago de Chile, to study at the Modern School of Music, the career of Composition and Arrangements, and thus improve his skill and musical career for various economic problems had to retire in the middle of 2014, Then in 2015 comes the balance of his life, when invited by Argentine guitarist Edu Petruk to be the keyboard player and arranger of his 1st album titled "Virtual Factor", which travels to Buenos Aires, Argentina to do that work , As much as possible may be released for sale in 2016.


Estudio Interpreter in organ Hammond in the Superior School of Jazz, with its professor, the organist Hengcoo Ortega.

He works as keyboardist and arranger in the Metal Progressive Risk Of Falling band, also at the end of April 2016, he starts the process of what his personal and solo work with a 1st album in full creative and composition progress, titled "Omicron Persei," which featured collaborations such as Chilean bassist Christian Gálvez and Chilean guitarists Gabriel Hidalgo, Marcelo Donoso, among other musicians to be confirmed.

In March of 2016 to July of the same year, he was in charge of sequences and keyboards in the project of the guitarist and singer of Astrological Metal J.P. Krom, which was an important step musically speaking for him, but, after a few months for personal reasons Braulio, withdraws from the project.

In June 2016, he began to produce what will be his 1st album of Electronic Music.

As for his participation in collaborations with other musicians are: Leo Gatti's Preludio Ancestral (Symphonic Power Metal) [Argentina]; Avi Rosenfeld (Classic Rock) [Israel]; Straz Shady (Progressive Metal) [England]. And in December of 2016 with Hyacintho Team, an international community of illustrators and cartoonists fans of the Capcom franchise, Megaman, with medleys and arrangements of the classic soundtracks of the saga.

He is also Endorsed Artist (Sponsored) of the brands, CME Pro (China); NuMotion Keyboards (Canada) and the Audioland store, in Chile, with the brand of guitar pedals, Source Audio (USA).

In addition to an egress from an online BerkleeX (Online Platform of Berklee College of Music) focused on "Vocal Recording Technologies".

On the 19th January 2017, Braulio was part of the Can-Do Musos performance opening the Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim California with 8 other musicians from 4 countries.

Nibiru's Project - Ignotus Per Ignotium (Planet X)