Daniel Sahetapy

Location: Rotterdam

Challenge: Paraplegic


Daniel Sahetapy was born on 5 April 1980 in Alphen aan den Rijn. He has been a wheelchair user all his life. By the age of 5, Daniel had already wanted to play the drums. Daniel got his first drum set in 1986 at the age of 6.

In 1993 Daniel went to school at Werkenrode where he met Remy Pothof. In December that year, he had his first time on stage behind a drum kit with Joep van Deursen. It was a Mapex drum kit he played.

In 1998, Daniel took lessons from drummer Rene van Goch, and saw some of his performances in Lekkerkerk.

Daniel Sahetapy was drumming with dutch pop singer Marco Borsato in 1998, this was the next time for Daniel to play drums on stage.

In 2000 it began, The drum kit for Daniel was born !!!!

Daniel formed Rotterdam band First A.I.D. band with Arthur Scova and Iscar Boom. For 18 years, Daniel has played without a bass drum, but in August 2001, that changed. So did Daniel's playing style.

Daniel attends SKVR in South Rotterdam and gets drum lessons from teacher, Paul Jönsthövel. In the beginning, drumming was quite difficult for Daniel, as drums without a bsss drum sound, sounds very empty. By the end of the 2001-2002 school year, Daniel had progressed as a drummer. He found it difficult to learn to play drums left handed, but he bit the bullet and moved forward.

The first performance for the First AID band was in 2003, in 2005, Daniel gave his birthday a drum solo performance to relatives, friends and acquaintances. At this time, Daniel was concentrating on improving his drumming technique.

Daniel's drumming heros are: Rani Ramadhany, Lux Drummerette, Meytal Cohen, Akira Jimbo, Pete Ray Biggins, Hans Eijkenaar, Ton Dijkman.

His favourite styles are Pop, Rock and Reggae, and plays regularly at local jam sessions.

Daniel Sahetapy