Hendra Pristiwa

Location: Bandung

Challenge: Blind

Website: facebook.com/hendramusicdotcom

My name is Hendra Jatmika Pristiwa. I’m blind since I was born. My uncle introduced music to Me when I was 7 years old. The first instrument that I learned was Guitar. Since that time, I liked music very much. I often joint the music contest, even it was started from the smallest scope.

Though I’m blind, it’s not being an obstacle to reach My dream. I studied in the public Elementary School with non-disabled students. It helped Me able to socialize well, had a good achievement, and also able to compete with many people. I continued My study at the School for the Blind. The purpose was to learn about orientation and mobility, independency, and other ability which haven’t been learned in the previous school.

I started to play music professionally when I was in Senior Highschool. I was playing music in some cafes with My non-disabled friends. I also tried to increase my musical capability by learn some new instruments, such as Drum, Bass, Piano, etc. But, actually I more master and prefer piano than any other instruments until now. That’s why, I also known as “Hendra Piano Man”.

After graduated from Highschool, I more wanted to broaden My musical knowledge. Then, I decided to study in the Musical Education program, Institut Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan (IKIP) as known as Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) in Bandung. I succeed being the first visually-impaired student there, of course with My hard effort. During My study, I became more often playing music regularly in several places. At that time, I also familiar with the recording and I was asked to play some instruments for the recording need of some famous musicians. Although I was not recognized as the instrument player in those songs, I got many experiences, such as new technique and musical genre easyly.

Since 2000, I began operate computer with screen reader, a software that helps blind using computer. I also found many hardwares and softwares which can be used to create a digital music recording. After learning autididactic for about two years, since 2002, I started produce some recordings with very standard equipments. Gradually, My musical ability was increasing. I completed My recording tools little by little, so that I could be more professional. Finally, I got a home studio, that already produced hundreds of musics, certainly because of My musical and technology knowledge which always expanded by Me.

Until now, I’ve made many arrangements, composed some songs, created jingles, music illustrations, cabaret, and also being a trainer for digital music recording. I have many instruments, such as Electric Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Saxophone, Cajón, Mandolin, and some traditional instruments like Ukulele and Sundanese Whistle. Besides, I also have many software collections for recording and several hardwares such as headphone, microphone, sound card, that are specialized for professional arranger.

Hendra Pristiwa with Indonesian band Fortissimo at the Blind Music Festival in Thailand in 2014