Ho-Jin Park

Location: Seoul

Challenge: Intellectual Disability

Website: www.artwecan.or.kr

Ho-Jin was diagnosed with intellectual disability at the age of 4. He was just a smiley and lovely baby, but after recognition of his disability, his mother started speech therapy, art therapy, occupational therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

When 10-year-old Ho-Jin was taking a walk in a park, he was carried away with the sound of drums from a festival nearby. Ho-Jin started getting drum lessons the next day and has seriously learned drums since then.

Now his mother is sure that the best therapy for Ho-Jin is playing drums. He won an Special K award sponsored by The Federation of Disability Culture & Arts Association of Korea in 2018, and has played many concerts in Korea.

Ho-Jin is a drummer of Grand Grand, a pop band of challenging musicians, and he practices 4 hours every day.

Ho-Jin Park - "The Great Escape Boys Like Girls"