JD Weaver

Location: Sandbach

Challenge: Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Website: facebook.com/jdweavermusic

Jason (JD) Weaver is a young singer-songwriter honing his craft in lo-fi rootsy folk, but he's had to completely relearn how to sing from a wheelchair because he suffers from the incurable degenerative illness Duchenne muscular dystrophy. For your average guitar player, it's hard enough to get people to break gaze with the barman long enough to actually watch an entire song, but for Jason the challenge starts with simply finding a venue he can get into.

However, JD is about to take the biggest step he has ever taken with my career in music. The project will be the biggest he have ever been involved with.

JD adds "This is due to my ongoing health problems in the form of a disability. This may not seem to be a huge deal, but due to fears of people's perception of the disabled (which is still very backward in a lot of cases) and genuine health problems, as I am a

wheelchair user, I felt scared as music and society are a dog eat dog world, where any difference can either be seen as great and different or can be seen as so different that nobody will understand it".

JD hopes the stereotype of the industry is not true that it is just about image, and that he can break a trend where you see very little if any musicians in wheelchairs.

The message behind his EP is very powerful. JD says "Due to the nature of my existence and the prejudice and treatment I have had towards me, I became determined to break down these horrible steretypes that are used to harm vulnerable people and challenge them". JD wants to say "no", "this is does not define me and I am capable of so much more than some people think".

The music and project, in a less direct way, discusses how people can be marginalised and grow disillusioned that is so alien that one they first came to. JD adds "For me I haven't always been disabled, so I have seen my dreams/aspirations change, I have had friends come and go because of how different they saw me once I was labelled disabled".

He adds "I decided to confront this, through a concept EP that is built around a generic native figure (taking elements from aboriginal people, native americans and Inca civilisations) who has left the world to hide in a cave above a mountain range where the only animals are eagles. Eagles and this dweller see the horrors of the world unfold and they have seen their world completely changed due to the constant movements of people, war and violence and abuses against every day working men and women".

JD spends time reading the books on the issues native/indigenous groups now face as a result of their history. He adds "I saw elements of these cultures in myself, and I loved their vibrance, and the fact they stay strong despite the fact their history has been far from generous to them really spoke to me on a personal level due to my life experiences. I want that with my music. Vibrance and colour, yet a sense that there is a real tragedy beneath that veil".

To sum up, JD says "I hope you all will take something away and possibly people may see some potential in me that I know is there!"

JD Weaver's songs can be heard on Soundcloud.

JD Weaver - Eagle Song