Kelly Kendall

Location: San Diego, CA

Challenge: Disabled Veteran, severe neck and lower back issues, Fibromyalgia/ME/CFS


Kelly Kendall has been a musician (keyboardist) for over 28 years, and he is a composer/songwriter. He is pursuing his passion for music and using his skills in music, marketing, and business to offer a unique combination of a musician, entrepreneur, and a disabled veteran with an MBA and deep understanding of marketing.

Kelly is the keyboardist for "Dykstra", a Christian rock band. He formerly was the keyboardist for "The Word Collective", a band with a monthly Christian worship service on Saturday nights. Kelly is a member of the Worship Musicians Association where he plays keyboards monthly at an outreach service in Oceanside, CA. Kelly also is a member of a ministry called The Peacemakers, where he plays keyboards for a church service at a homeless shelter in Los Angeles, CA.

Kelly is also a member of the Gospel Music Association, and the San Diego Songwriter's Guild. Distribution and Publishing administration is done through Tunecore and Tunecore Publishing.

Kelly Kendall