Marc Swafford

Location: Missoula, MT

Challenge: Arm Amputee


Marc Swafford was born May 11 somewhere near the lower to mid 1970s in the western province of Portland Oregon.

In the Mid 70s Marc moved towards Pocatello Idaho where he was involved in a VW Bug rollover resulting in serious surgical procedures. Physical therapy and tremendous internal spirit combined to create an amazingly brilliant lead guitar, bass guitar, dobro, banjo player.

Marc comes from a musical family, his musical background composed of his dad J.B. (guitar, banjo), mom Mariyett (cello, viola, fiddle, guitar), and brother Matthew (drums, percussion, PA) helped nurture his desire to enjoy sonic freedom with startling impunity.

His outstanding musical influences include Allman Brothers, Black Sabbath, Cream, Marc's musical tastes vary from jazz-fusion to rhythm & blues.

Marc prefers playing as a three piece orchestral arrangement. In the early 90s he studied jazz improvisation during sojourns through the Portland Oregon music scene with other local jazz impresarios.

Marc performs regularly with bands such as Voodoo Horseshoes; He is also a part-time bassist for the Shoeless Hordes scouring the region. He played lead guitar and vocals for heavier Mahamawaldi; metallic spasm using syncopated rhythms. Toured the Northwest territories of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana beginning in 1998.

Marc also plays for acoustic band Bitter Root Range; and Papa bear styled intensity for Dead tune-age. Played the Salmon River Drainage for a wedding, coffee house, Roxy theater, public library, summer solstice party and jewelry store foyer.

Marc Swafford performing - "Voodoo Child"