Michael Byeong-Wook Woo

Location: Seoul

Challenge: Blind

Website: www.artwecan.or.kr

Michael was born completely blind and diagnosed with congenital retinal optic nerve abnormalities when he was 3-month-old.

Graduated from Seoul National School for the Blind, he studied social welfare at Daegu University, where he had many friends and was an active club member of CCC (Campus Crusade for Christ). As a music lover, Michael admires Eric Clapton, always loves listening to Claptonsí songs and guitar playing. "Thatís why I became a guitarist." he recalls.

With lots of love of family, he has a very positive attitude to life. "I started learning guitar later than other musicians, so I have to practice much more. I always work hard, and everything will be great!"

Michael has been a member of pop band Grand Grand for three years, and as the oldest member, he does not forget cheering up other members at weekly rehearsals. He has played dozens of concerts throughout the country.

Michael Byeong-Wook Woo - "Living on a Prayer"