Seung-Hyeok Yang

Location: Seoul

Challenge: Autism


Seung-Hyeok Yang studies anthropology at Kangwon National University. As a freshman, he is busy working on the classes or writing papers, but busier practicing piano, cello and taking music lessons.

When he was very young, Seung-Hyeok showed typical autistic symptoms, like avoiding eye contact, lining up toys, and walking on tiptoes. But with his natural sense of music, 12-years-old boy started to compose short piano pieces expressing his emotions and feelings. It would be easier for him to make the music by himself than commutating with others.

Yang is an outstanding pianist; he won the 2nd place at TJB Music Competition in 2018. To be a professional composer, he studies MIDI (Cubase), and already has lots of beautiful songs written by himself.

As a cello member of Artwecan Cello Ensemble, and a keyboardist of Artwecan pop band Grand Grand, he says, "Nowadays as a musician I have hectic days, there are so many music that I must practice, which make me really happy and excited! I am proud of myself."

Seung-Hyeok Yang