The Sylvanbeats

Location: Sydney, NSW

Challenge: Various Disabilities


The Sylvanbeats is an ensemble which has emerged over the past three years of weekly Cajon and Percussion Workshops run by Claudia Chambers (Learn Cajon) in partnership with the Sylvanvale Foundation and with the support of Sutherland PCYC.

From a one-off series of workshops for a group of interested adults, the Sylvanbeats Ensemble has emerged as a magical and gifted group of adults with something very special to share.

The central instrument used in the ensemble is the Cajon - a wooden hand drum which can sound very similar to a drumkit.

In the ensemble it is played by the musicians with hands, drumsticks and other Cajon accessories. They have been invited to perform at numerous events including Arts Activate 2012, Museum Contemporary Art and Hurstville Council.

The Sylvanbeats invite you to come with them on a magical journey into the world of percussive soundscapes and high energy rhythms, culminating in a Cajon drumming and dance fiesta expressing desire and celebrating life!

The Sylvanbeats Performing at Westfield Miranda