Yeseul Lee

Location: Seoul

Challenge: Blind


Yeseul is blind and has amnesia caused by meningitis when she was 20-days-old baby. It was very difficult for her to keep up with classes due to short term memory loss.

While she had hard time at Seoul National School for the Blind, she was told that playing an instrument is helpful for memory. Fortunately, Yeseul enjoyed music and with her absolute pitch, she got in Seoul Music High School, and studied saxophone at Baekseok Arts University afterwards.

As a solo saxophonist, Yeseul has performed at various concerts in Korea including concert with Mostly Philharmonic Orchestra in Jan. 2021 and international stages such as Japan, Spain, Portugal. Her first album "Happy Time" will be released in fall, 2021. Since 2019, she is a member of Artwecan pop band Grand Grand.

"I really like to play with members of Grand Grand, and I love playing saxophone and most of all, I am HAPPY with my family and always thankful to everyone!" The Always-Happy-Girl said.

Yeseul Lee